The Mango Book

The “Mango Piano Method” is a comprehensive step-by-step course designed to help students get to Grade 1 Level in under 4 months. The 16 lessons are progressive and the full colour illustrations enhance the musical material which all children will enjoy learning from.
The book introduces the keyboard, note pitches, rhythm, ties, accidentals, dynamics, time and key signatures, sight reading, scales and broken chords. Tailored for multicultural scene, the “Mango Piano Method” includes international traditional songs from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, United States, Canada, Russia, France, Italy, Romania, Poland, Israel, Ghana, as well as classical masterpieces by Brahms and Verdi.
Carefully edited and clearly presented throughout, with appealing and varied repertoire,“Mango Piano Method” is the ideal course for gifted young beginners wishing to learn at a faster pace.
  •  Grade 1 Level in just 4 MONTHS
  • 5 STAR FEEDBACK on Amazon, eBay, Facebook
  • Full colour illustrations
  • Glossy paper at the highest standards of printing
  • Appealing repertoire
  • THE IDEAL COURSE for young beginners
This book is part of the “Mango Piano Method” Series, a comprehensive step-by-step course designed to help all students quickly achieve Grade 1 Level. Carefully edited and clearly presented throughout, with appealing and varied repertoire, “Mango Piano Method” is the ideal course for gifted young beginners wishing to learn at a faster pace. 
The “Scales & Broken Chords Edition” offers a real insight on the exam experience. Using this technique you will be practicing all the scales and broken chords without only playing the ones you already know. With a creative and interactive approach, this method works perfectly used side by side with the exam repertoire.
In accordance to the exam requirements and without a biennial expiration date, this is the only book on the market with coloured illustrations.
In a user-friendly format and full of helpful advice on how to prepare for the exam, the flash cards in the “Mango Piano Method – Scales & Broken Chords Edition” make the practicing more purposeful, engaging and enjoyable.
  • In accordance to the exam requirements
  • User-friendly format
  • Quizzes and flash cards
  • Helpful advice on how to prepare for the exam
  • No expiration date
  • Coloured ilustation
What a wonderful book! My daughter loves it and she actually enjoys practising! I think this is the biggest achievement!  Freya W. from Sunderland


When my daughter started piano one year ago our financial situation was not great but I really wanted her to go for the grade exams.  The teacher at the time explained that in order to get there you need to buy 2 or 3 books to get to that level. And they were not cheap. My daughter was too young and tbh I didn’t push her enough so we stopped. Two months ago we decided to give it one more try as we are more financially stable and we can afford weekly lessons. Her new teacher recommended this book as he is a friend of the author. I was reluctant when I saw only a few reviews online but this book is great! In just a few lessons my daughter mastered songs with two hands and she understands rhythm! I am very pleased! I can’t recommend enough!  Grace R, from Leeds
I quite like the Mango book, and it is my go-to method when I get a new beginner student. I like the idea of a “happy face sun” on each lesson. My students try really hard to get it. They want the reward so it keeps them motivated. Ajay K., Singing and Piano teacher from London
Very pleased with the purchase. Excellent book. Colourful and easy to learn. John F, from Liverpool
I do not usually write a review but I feel like this book really deserves one. My boy is 6 and he likes enjoys it. Colourful pages, quality printing and great content. I can see the progress each week! I am amazed. Also, I appreciate the diverse tunes. I was pleasantly surprised to find a Polisih traditional song. A fantastic book for young aspiring pianists. A must-buy. Catalin D. from Leamington
I purchased this book yesterday and I just received it. Excellent delivery. My girl is very excited! Looks colourful and easy to grasp. I can already tell from flipping through its going to make her journey learning the piano a blast! Amazon Customer
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